Autumn Harvest

Life on our little urban farm is an ongoing adventure that bonds us to our home more each day. Some friends come by and see the yard, with it’s towering tomato plants and scattered pots of herbs and can only say, “Looks like a lot of work!”. Sure, there is labor involved but it’s certainly […]

Seattle Seahawks Victory Parade

I had the pleasure of being one of the 700 thousand people that attended the Seahawks Victory Parade on February 5, 2014 after our home team won Superbowl 48. I took quite a few photos so I decided to put them into a video slideshow. Hope all the 12th men and women out there enjoy! […]

Kirkland Signature Sparkling Flavored Waters

I worked closely with Costco to create these new Kirkland Signature Sparkling Flavored Waters. This exciting new product should hit the shelves within the next few months!   For more images from this project, click the thumbnails below.

2013 Book List

For those of us that work in creative fields, it’s vastly important to find ways to keep our creative juices flowing. That’s probably why curiosity is a constant factor for most designers and artists. For me, personally, I find much inspiration in reading books and watching films. The common thread between all media is storytelling […]

Welding 101

I have long been enamored with metalwork but only recently had the opportunity to take a welding class and explore this new-to-me medium. Being a designer and type aficionado, I naturally chose to create house numbers for my first welding project. I wanted each of the numbers to have a different texture but wanted to […]

Tradeshow Booth Graphics

I created the graphics for Advanced Refreshment’s large 20′ x 30′ Tradeshow booth. I also created product brochures, rotating slideshows to display on 6 touchscreens and the production video that displayed on 4 televisions in each corner of the booth. Click the thumbnails below for more photos of the latest PLMA tradeshow: And for a […]

Starbucks KoCha Concept

I created the KoCha logo and digital mock up for a Half Coffee/Half Tea beverage concept. This is a concept beverage only. Starbucks logo and bottle © Starbucks

My love affair with WordPress

It’s hard to believe that I started my first WordPress blog 10 years ago in 2003. With the help a wonderful geeky friend, I got set up with the platform and dug into learning HTML basics and customizing new headers on a regular basis. Before the invent of Facebook and the 140 character Twitter-verse, there […]

Website Development

I managed the website redesign for Advanced Refreshment, working very closely with MAO Studios who did the back-end development for the site. I created much of the content and graphics for the site, including copy-writing, editing and ongoing content management after launch. I also art directed the photography shoots for use on the site. Click […]


I’ve created many infographics in the last few years. Click the thumbnails below for a few of my favorite examples.

Project Management: DS Waters

I recently completed a massive project for DS Waters. I managed the proofing process, timelines and status updates for 60 different skus under 13 distinct brands, with up to 3 printed components each (label, film, tray) for production in five different plants (with various dielines at each). If you’ve done the math, you realize how […]

Jade Mist Teas

Another “full circle” design project in which I created this brand from the initial name concepts, designed the logo and packaging and have attended press checks to monitor the final shrink wrap printing. Click the thumbnails below for more images from this project:

Shady Grove™ Lemonades

I created the Shade Grove™ brand name, logo and packaging for a sweet new line of lemonades. Click the thumbnails below for more images from this project:

Logo Design

I have created many logos throughout the years. Click the thumbnails below to see some of my favorites.

Advanced Refreshment : Company Rebranding

This company rebranding was possibly the largest project that I’ve ever managed single-handedly. Within 6 months I created a new logo & branding guidelines, business cards for nearly 100 employees, shirts for our plant workers & sales team, signage for six locations in five states and managed the web design process. By keeping this project […]

Crayola Color Coolerz!

I have worked on the Crayola Color Coolerz! product line for the last 3 years. This has included working on packaging design, website development and social media management, all while adhering to Crayola’s strict branding guidelines. In January, 2011 we were featured on The Balancing Act on Lifetime. In addition to writing copy for the […]

Recycled PET Promo Box

I created this printed box for a marketing promotional urging our customers to choose 100% Recycled PET bottles. It was printed on a kraft box with a UV gloss coating on selected graphics. Click the thumbnails below for a closer look at this project:      

Aloha Blast Fruit Punch

Aloha Blast has been on an on-going branding project that I like to refer to as “full-circle” design. Meaning that I took the project from the origins of the name and logo to the final stages of packaging and press checks. We’ve developed several sizes and flavors since the original “Na Pali Punch”. Click the […]

That Special Touch: Logo & Banner

I recently completed this project for That Special Touch Cakes & Flowers. They wanted to celebrate their 30th Anniversary with a new logo and a custom banner for an upcoming tradeshow.

Caribbean Aqua Packaging

I created this artwork for Caribbean Aqua labels and 24 packs. Click the thumbnails below for more images from this project: © Caribbean Aqua, LLC

Sunny Breeze Citrus Punch

Sunny Breeze has been another branding project that I like to refer to as “full-circle” design. Meaning that I took the project from the origins of the name and logo to the final stages of packaging and press checks. We’ve developed several sizes & multi-packs for this tart and tangy kids beverage. Click the thumbnails […]