Greetings! I’m Sarah “Stormy” Beard and I’m pleased that you’re visiting my portfolio site, Cornbread Creative.

My career in graphic design began while still in college. In 1999, I took a job with a daily newspaper in Hernando, MS where I managed the scanning and color correcting of photographs for the paper. I also developed film from the Friday night football games to be printed in the Saturday editions.

After I graduated in 2000, I moved to Chattanooga, TN where I began working in an in-house design team for a premiere printer in the area for the next two years. I’m still one of the few weirdos that loves the smell of a printing press. After that infamous day in September of 2001, many businesses went into steep decline, including ours. I decided to spend the next several months traveling and exploring photography. In that short time-frame, I drove from Chattanooga to Mexico to San Antonio to San Diego and to Montana before returning to my home state of Mississippi.

Sarah Beard | Creative Designer

In January of 2003, with only $300 and 2 suitcases, I boarded a plane for Seattle, an enchanting place that I’d only visited through books. I spent 6 months studying photography at the Art Institute of Seattle but soon found that my experience exceeded the pace of the program so I went back to work in design. I started with contract design work in packaging which lead me to a position as Creative Director for a local food importer which I stayed in for nearly 7 years. In 2011, I accepted a job offer with a beverage manufacturer with five locations across the US. This position allowed me to expand my skill-set with social media, content management and guerrilla marketing. I also become a very dedicated art director and project manager. In early 2014, I accepted a job offer with Niagara bottling, a family owned beverage manufacturer with 30 manufacturing plants across the country.

Over the past 20 years as a professional designer, I’ve enhanced my creative perspective and worked on projects that encompass many areas in the vast field of design – advertising, branding/ identity, collateral, magazines, tradeshows, POP displays, packaging and more. I’ve worked with a diverse group of clients- from health care facilities, schools, and musicians to gourmet food and beverage packaging.

Since I was big enough to carry an old AE1 around my neck, I have been drawn to the wonders of the natural world. When I’m not behind a Mac or a Canon, I can often be found hiking, practicing blues scales on my guitar or brainstorming ways to expand my little farm. I completed horticulture training through the WSU Master Gardener program in the spring of 2010. This knowledge has given me the unique opportunity to spread the seeds (and joys) of  gardening to members of my community. I feel that through sustainable practices, as well as green business decisions, we ensure a better place for future generations.

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