Why take my word for it when you can see my supervisors and co-workers have said about working with me? References and letters of recommendation also available upon request.

“Sarah is a creative designer with a very valuable combination of talent, skill and industry knowledge. Her experienced vision, and her organizational and communication skills make her an excellent project manager, and will make her a great art director. Sarah is also personable, and practical – making her a true pleasure to work with.”

Al S. – Art Director, Advanced Refreshment LLC


“Sarah is a dream come true- she has a unique combination of skills and talent coupled with vision, all from a very cool and down to earth prospective, without an enormous ego to get in the way of your project or deadlines. Sarah is a self-directed packaging and labeling wizard producing high quality work at the speed of light. And the best part is, you get what you asked for in your finished product. You can’t go wrong with Sarah Beard on board.”

Annie S. – Former Director of Product Development, Acme Food Sales, Inc.


“I worked with Sarah for several years and she was a pleasure to work with. She is not only extremely creative but also able to understand the business implications of the projects she worked on. My team often needed turn around times outside of the standard timelines, and Sarah always made the effort to help us meet our deadlines.”

Kim F. – Former Director of Purchasing, Acme Food Sales, Inc.


“Sarah Beard is a talented designer who manages her time well. Her work is inspirational and she is a pleasure to be around. She would make a fine asset for any company.”

Tory J. – Graphic & Web Designer


“I have worked with Sarah on a number of project, and all have went very smooth. Because of the ease, I have also recommended Sarah to a number of my clients and everyone of them have given high marks. I will continue to partner with Sarah, and continue to recommend her when I have clients looking for help. She continues to show her creative side on every project I give her, or my clients give her. She takes the time to understand what you are trying to accomplish, puts a plan together, and then delivers. Keep up the great work Sarah!!”

Jeff S. – Print Manager, Northwest Label


“I had the privilege of having Sarah as one of my graphic designers at Williams Company. I could tell from the first interview that she was very sure of her abilities and that she believed herself to be a quick learner. I was not disappointed! She very quickly picked up on all the idiosyncrasies of our department, which were very different from her previous employment. She handled every job I could throw at her and often came asking for more work when she was finished. She had a very big part in the execution of two projects which won ADDY awards for our company. It is very important to me how well people get along with their coworkers and I can never remember Sarah causing friction with anyone at Williams. She was punctual, dependable and always willing to help with anything. I can truthfully say that she was a very positive part of our team. Any company would certainly benefit from Sarah being a fellow associate in any capacity.”

Daryl P. – Creative Director, Williams Printing Company